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(Info at time of wedding)

    Christina Marie Fisher is 20 years old.  She was born in Austin, Texas.  She has lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, California, and Germany.  She went to Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  There she ran track and cross-country.  Her freshman year she was involved with the drama club and was the trainer for the softball team. Toward the end of her freshman year she got involved with Civil Air Patrol.  She was on the Ground Team (Search and Rescue Team) in 1996 and in 1998 that won the state competition.  She was on the Drill Team that took second in 1997 and 1998.  She wrote the drill routine in 1998. She spent her senior year of high school as an exchange student in Germany.  There she lived just outside of Branschweig. 

New Update May 2004

Christina has graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She majored in chemistry. Christina and Parker will be moving to New Haven, CT so that Christina can attend graduate school at Yale University.

New Update December 2004

Christina and Parker are both currently attending Yale University. Christina is working on a Ph.D in Chemistry and Parker plans on finishing a degree in aviation with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University after a semester of study at Yale.


NEW Update July 2006

Christina finished at Yale with a masters in chemistry and is currently teaching at the University of Texas at Tyler. She will continue to collaborate on projects at Yale for the time being. She is presenting her work at the 2006 American Chemical Society conference in San Francisco.